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A Message from Valuation Expo Trail Blazers

Virtual Valuation Expo Testimonials from Valuation Expo on Vimeo.

Valuation Expo is October 1-3! We’ve always found it difficult to find the best way to describe all the benefits of Valuation Expo. Once you’ve been, you totally get it. Now in the virtual world, it’s even harder to describe, but it still works. I know many of you have been socializing through Zoom. Well, this is the equivalent of Zoom networking in the appraisal world.

We had some trail blazers send us comments and videos about their first virtual Valuation Expo experience.

“Well done Valuation 2020 staff. I’m very impressed by this platform and the information available to everyone. Thanks, Jim. Again, this was awesome. It was different, for sure, but I obtained so much great information I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. You all deserve a huge ovation for how this went down due to the circumstances. Congrats.”
Mark Skapinetz, What’s It Worth Appraisal Services

“Josh Walitt did a great job! This virtual format is very engaging. Great job to the Valuation 2020 team!”
Karin Trost, Wells Fargo

“I’ve enjoyed the experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so it’s been interesting to see how the conference environment is simulated in a digital conference.”
Adam Johnston, Genworth Mortgage Insurance Corp.

Join us this Fall at Valuation Expo!

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